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wooo! one of my previous students (who is currently at the university of north georgia) came to see me for some updated headshots. as a stage actress, it's a must-have to have current headshots. it was great timing as well since she goes back to school next week. :) she also brought with her another one of my previous students ian!

it was wonderful to be able to see them both! we got to catch up on life and i got some gorgeous photos of maria.

last week i brought a new lens: the canon 135 f/2 to supplement my broken 85 f/1.8. after only a year and half, the autofocus stopped working and rendered the whole thing useless, a paperweight at best. lol even though i love my 35 and use it most of the time, it's always good to have a designated lens "made" for headshots.

so this was my first shoot with the new lens. and i love it!! it is tack sharp, so fast, and takes stunning photos. it is definitely a contender as a favorite lens of mine. (don't tell the 35! hahaha)

anyways, i wanted to show you a few of the photos that i have been working on. there is usually only one headshot posted per session in my portfolio, but here you can see a variety of my favs.

i hope you enjoy them!


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