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florida springs and a couple love birds

a couple weeks ago, i had the pleasure to take josh and april's intimate engagement session at rock springs. they're getting married next year- right after christmas and i couldn't be more excited!!

i spent 9 days roaming around the state with my aunt (which i will document in a blog soon!) but i got to end my trip down in the sunshine state with this amazing session.

josh and april not only are super in love, but they are an adventurous bunch! they were more than willing to jump in the water with me and let loose. i am a candid photographer more than anything else and tried to get them to forget i was even there- clicking away, capturing those little moments they didn't even know were happening. :)

the springs are crystal clear and filled with so many plants and small fish. gigantic rocks line the springs like iceburgs, resting along the floor of the sandy springs and just slithers jutting up, perfect for walking on top of. it's a stunning place.

since it was my first time being there and it being a popular spot with swimmers and tubers, a fellow photographer happened to point us in the right direction for a more secluded area where we could get a bit more privacy. taking photos can be a bit uncomfortable in general, trying to be romantic in front of strangers takes it to another level. hahaha

another thing that i have been working on is my editing style. with every shoot i have gotten a bit more comfortable with this more moody look. and i think i have finally found my calling as it pertains to style. i am absolutely in love with the look and feel like i finally found my voice with my photography.

so without further ado, i present : josh and april. 12/29/2018


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